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Optimal security for your WordPress website with Security Plus

With this package, we will take additional security measures at the website level in addition to our standard security at the hosting level (daily malware scans, Brute Force prevention, a firewall and automatic updates). If you want to know more about the concrete benefits of this package for your WordPress website, read on! 

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How to secure your WordPress website

An insufficiently secured website is vulnerable to several forms of attacks. Since an attack may result in your website being unavailable for a while, you might also miss out on website visits and revenue. We will therefore explain what you should do to protect your WordPress website.

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What is an EV SSL certificate and what are its advantages?

These days, SSL certificates are a requirement for every website. It is hard to imagine a proper company website in 2017 that is not adequately protected against hackers. Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates give the clearest signal that a website sends only encrypted data. But what is an EV SSL certificate and what are the most important advantages? And how exactly do you apply for such a certificate?

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