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SSL Certificates

What is SSL? Using SSL in your WordPress site is a way to encrypt the data that is transferred between your website and your visitors. This means that only the intented recipient is able to decypher the data. People or computers who intercept the data cannot see the original content of that data.

In addition to the security mentioned above, SSL certificates of the type ‘Extended Validation’ offer additional validation of the owner of the website. This is shown by a green adress bar in browsers.

Using SSL will at a minimum encrypt the data transferred between you and your visitors. If you order an EV certificate your visitors will also be able to verify you as the owner of the website.


Domain Validation (DV) certificate
Basic certificate: Secures one website.


DV certificate in your browser

One year: €49,95 now €39,95
Two years: €79,95 now €49,95

Order DV certificate

EV (Extended Validation) certificate
Offers additional verification of the site owner trough a green adress bar. For one website.

EV certificate 

EV certificate in your browser

One year: €279,95 now €229,95
Two years: €499,95 now €429,95

Order EV certificate

Wildcard certificate
Extra: Secures unlimited multiple subdomains of one primary domain.


WildCard Certificate in your browser

One year: €179,95
Two years: €339,95

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The use of a SSL certificate is not compatible with our CDN

Because we use the SPDY technology in our SSL implemenation a CDN is unnecessary. Because browsers load all static assets in one stream, the positive effect of having multiple hostnames for your static assets are no longer applicable.

Loading time stays the same

Our caching technologies work regardless of SSL use. Because of this, the use of SSL has practically no effect on the loading time of your website.

Order an SSL Certificate

Use our order form to order an SSL Certificate for your site. Put the domain of your site in the field ‘Hostname’.

We work with:

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  • Mandrill
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