W3TotalCache security compromised

Millions of WordPress sites (including sites hosted by Savvii) use the caching plugin W3TotalCache (W3TC in short) to improve loading time. It has been a public secret for some months that the plugin is not actively maintained anymore. For example, support for PHP 7 is missing though this is possible by changing a few lines of code. Not very good news to put it mildly, but now something more serious has come up. A XSS vulnerability has been found in the plugin, making it insecu

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What’s new in WordPress 4.6?

WordPress 4.6 was released on august 16, as usual named after a jazz musician. This time the release is named “Pepper” to honor saxophonist Park Frederick “Pepper” Adams III. We are not familiar with his music, but his name is enough to be cool. Version 4.6 has a number of usability improvements. It is now possible […]

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WordPress Security Guide

WordPress is very safe if you take the right security measures. Taking the right security measures is not common practice, unfortunately. Research by Sucuri shows that 25% of the WordPress hacks in Q1 2016 were caused by leaks in three specific plugins. Updating these plugins would have prevented the hacks in probably all cases.

In our WordPress Security Guide we will list 25 security measures to minimalise your risk at being hacked.

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AMP for WordPress

There is a lot of buzz around AMP the last couple of weeks, but what is it and how can you implement it? We’ll answer these questions in this blog. AMP is an acronym for ‘Accelerated Mobile Pages’ and it is a project from Google to make mobile pages load faster. AMP is not a server technology but a […]

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The best W3 Total Cache settings

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive at Savvii is whether the plugin W3 Total Cache can contribute to more speed in addition to the measures already taken by Savvii. Short answer: yes, but only if set correctly. Interested in finding out the proper settings? Then continue reading this article. Caching is one […]

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New: The Savvii WP Migrate migration plugin

We proudly present you Savvii WP Migrate, the plugin to migrate your site(s) to Savvii easily, fast and for free. No more troubles with downloading your site, exporting your database or adjusting your config files and links. The plugin copies the entire website and converts all necessary files and database fields, in just one click. […]

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