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SSL certificate: mandatory or not?

An SSL certificate can make the difference for your website. Both governments and Google are aiming for an internet with the best security. They are pressuring the owners and developers of websites, to make the internet more secure. SSL certificates play an important role in this regard. But is an SSL certificate mandatory? In this […]

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New product: VPS One L and XL

At Savvii we often get the question whether we can offer a VPS solution for just one website, that is bigger than our current VPS One plan. Our customers are expanding their businesses and that is why their hosting demands are growing as well. Of course we would like to help make further growth possible. Therefore, […]

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Important: After 19 October PHP 5.4 is no longer available

To provide the safest possible environment, it is sometimes necessary to replace older software packages and to use newer versions. Best-case scenario would be to do this as quickly as possible after a new version is available. Unfortunately that’s not always possible. But now we really have to say goodbye to and older version of PHP, PHP5.4, in order to continue to guarantee the security of your website. In this acticle we explain why.

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Create & restore backups [New Feature]

Savvii has a new feature: create & restore backups, right from your control panel! Of course, we already make daily backups of your site(s) at Savvii. In addition, you could create a snapshot backup and request us to restore it. However, as of now, you can restore backups yourself through our Control Panel. Backup list All […]

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WordPress Quiz – the #WCEU Edition

Are you curious to see how much you know about WordPress? We have created a quiz to test your knowledge of WordPress configuration, the WordPress community and WP development. This version of our tried & tested quiz contains some special WordCamp Europe related questions and is even harder, because we know WordCamp Europe attendees know […]

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