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Why our ISO certification is good for your WordPress Hosting

As of July 2017, we are the only Managed WordPress Hosting provider in the world with an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification. This means that both our quality assurance system (ISO 9001) and our information security system (ISO 27001) meet strict criteria. These criteria provide guarantees in terms of reliability, security, and continuity. In this article, we […]

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Why go with a VPS for WooCommerce?

Speed is a core concept in our modern, largely digitalised society. The concept features often and clearly on the Internet in terms of websites’ or online shops’ loading speed. Websites that load faster often generate better search result positions on Google, more visitors, and higher conversion rates. A VPS (virtual private server) can often be […]

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The largest WordPress sites

WordPress sites are growing in popularity; there are hundreds of popular blogs currently running on the system. Renowned corporations are also choosing this CMS with more frequency. Still, many people continue to see WordPress as a less than professional system that, while suitable for bloggers and smaller companies, offers too little in the way of […]

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The difference between managed and unmanaged hosting

Are you on the lookout for a new hosting provider or hosting strategy? If so, it is certainly worth carefully considering the choice between managed and unmanaged hosting. What are the main differences between these two options? And does either option offer significant benefits over the other? This article offers insight into this topic and […]

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