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How to choose the best WordPress developer for your site

Building a successful website in WordPress can be a difficult task. It is an essential one though. A good website is the face of your company, brand or service and should get the attention it deserves. Apart from that, managing a high-quality website is not a one-time project but a continuous stretch. Choosing a knowledgeable WordPress developer is the first step towards creating a top-notch website.

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How to secure your WordPress website

An insufficiently secured website is vulnerable to several forms of attacks. Since an attack may result in your website being unavailable for a while, you might also miss out on website visits and revenue. We will therefore explain what you should do to protect your WordPress website.

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What should I consider when choosing a hosting partner?

You can develop an appealing website, but if it goes down often, or loading time is longer than three seconds, your client will not be happy. Many agencies or developers therefore opt to work with a hosting provider, ensuring that the website’s hosting is effective. But how do you choose the right hosting partner? This article explains what to consider.

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GDPR: What does this mean for you?

Important changes in the area of privacy legislation will be implemented. This regulation will apply throughout the EU and entail a number of changes that have an impact on all businesses in the EU. We have closely studied the regulation, called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and listed the most important changes for you.

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