ShortPixel review & discount [Savvii Deals]

For quite some time now, Savvii customers have been able to make use of our exclusive discount for some great extensions and services for WordPress, thanks to our Savvii Deals program. We thought it was about time we informed you of the several opportunities that we offer you.

A key point of attention when improving load times of your website, is reducing the size of your webpages. Obviously, the more images have on your website, the larger their influence becomes on your total page size. However, images frequently occupy an unnecessarily high amount of disk space. That’s why we’d like to introduce to you: Shortpixel, a userfriendly plugin that lets you reduce image size within WordPress. For our customers, we have an exclusive ShortPixel coupon.

If you suspect that the load time of your website can be accelerated with smaller images, then testing tools like WebPageTest.org can give you a good indication. For using this tool, take a page into which these images are loaded. The tool will measure the exact load times, including the time it takes for the images to load. For the best insights, go to the tab ‘Content Breakdown’.

For testing purposes, we deployed an empty WordPress-install and published a post with 3 large stock-images. Then, we loaded this page into WebPageTest.

Above, you can see the exact load times of the 3 images before optimization. Thanks to our hosting, the images load simultaneously instead of in succession.

Installation and setup

The next step is to install the plugin. Just search for ShortPixel in your WP-Admin or download it via the WordPress Repository. To activate it, you first need to receive your personal API-code. To achieve this, simply enter your email address, and you’ll receive it automatically. After entering the API-code, you’re ready to go.

For our test, we used the bulk-option. With this, you can optimize the images in your media library all at once. This option can be found under Media, where you can now see the new option called Bulk ShortPixel. Activate the option and you’ll see ShortPixel start optimizing image after image and monitoring the progress. With just our 3 images (plus 3 images present earlier, only some small logos), the process was finished quickly.

If you achieve a nice decrease in image size with the plugin, you’re invited to share the results on Twitter!


After the process is finished, a report of the optimization results is generated. In our case, the plugins claims an average optimization of 89,41%, which has cleared 6 MB of disk space. Considering the small amount of images, this seems like a great improvement.

But what does WebPageTest tell us this time? Again, we uploaded the same web page under the exact same conditions in the tool, to see how long it takes for the same images to load. We can conclude, that the plugin has achieved a significant improvement in load times, without us having changed the standard settings. The total load time of the 3 images has decreased from 1337 ms to 933 ms, an improvement of over 30%.

The biggest improvement can be seen on the image which now only takes 136 ms to load. This image shows a 64% in load time. 

ShortPixel Premium

The free version offers space for optimizing a maximum of 100 images per month, or 130 if you download it from the ShortPixel-website as a Savvii-customer. This means that a premium license better suits your needs, if you have a bigger website. ShortPixel has a diverse range of licenses you can use, ranging from a few thousands to many tens of thousands of images per month. You can also pick a one-time license, which offers the same variation in the amount of images that you can optimize. Keep in mind, that WordPress creates several varieties for every new image (for example, thumbnails) you upload. These count as well.

Savvii-customers can optimize 30% more images for each option. For example, you get 15.000 extra images for free with the “One-Time 50K” option.

So, are you a blogger with a lot of graphic content? Do you use a lot of images to display products in your WooCommerce shop? Or are you in any other way dependent on good graphic content, but you do not want to compromise on page speed? Then we recommend using ShortPixel as an extension to our optimized hosting.

If you are not a customer yet, first migrate your site(s) to one of our hosting plans so you can make use of our exclusive Savvii Deal with the ShortPixel coupon. Contact us or simply call us on (+31) 024 820 00 00 if you have any further questions.

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