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Secure WordPress Hosting

Free SSL with Let’s Encrypt
For each domain we install an DV SSL certificate with Let’s Encrypt for free. We also support other types of SSL certificates. Our SSL implementation always gets at least an A ranking and doesn’t slow down your website.

Automatic updates of plugins and core
To ensure a website runs stable and securely it is important to keep your WordPress core as well as your plugins up-to-date. Our systems ensure that the core, plugins and themes are updated automatically! Naturally, it is possible to turn the update feature off.

Firewall & Scans
In order to avoid Brute Force attacks and DDoS attacks we use a Firewall, protecting all of our hosting systems. This firewall intercepts most of the ‘malicious’ traffic. We also automatically add IP’s that have multiple failed login requests to our firewall. In addition we permanently scan all systems for ‘malicious’ code and requests.

At Savvii we use the more secure sFTP protocol to upload files. Using sFTP makes the connection encrypted. We also offer sFTP IP whitelisting which restricts all other IP’s from connecting to your account.

Free repairs when your website gets hacked
Naturally we do anything to prevent your website from getting hacked. If, despite our extensive measures, the worst comes to the worst we ensure the leak is fixed, and your website recovered to its original state.

Security Plus
In addition to our default security measures we also offer a Security Plus plan. This means additional scanning for your site but also for your domain and SSL certificates.

No more worries about hacks? Find out which Savvii plan best suits your needs.

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We work with:

  • Let's Encrypt Free SSL
  • New Relic
  • Varnish
  • Mandrill