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Savvii Speed Benchmark

Do you want to know how Savvii makes WordPress sites fast? Read on. Still have questions? Please contact us.

Free Content Delivery Network
A CDN ensures your static content (for instance CSS, javascript, images) are loaded from another server. Our CDN allows visitors to load resources simultaneously (both from the webserver and from the CDN). WordPress sites often have a lot of static content, and will therefore profit from using a CDN.

Our systems feature Varnish caching, phpFPM and opcode caching. These three ensure the content requested most frequently is ready to go for your users, and no longer needs to be loaded and generated. Additionally our VPS plans use memcached and XCache. The configuration of our Varnish technology is optimized for WordPress.

You can choose your preferred PHP version at Savvii. We offer PHP 7 as well. PHP 7 is twice as fast as PHP 5 versions. You can especially notice the difference in your WordPress backend. Your work in the backend will go so much smoother.

NGINX as webserver
Savvii runs on NGINX instead of Apache. Because NGINX is event-based instead of thread-based it uses less memory and is able to handle a large amount of requests better (i.e. faster).

Scalable architecture
We are running in an architecture with independent webservers, storage layers and database pool. This allows us to scale up each unit separately based on the load. The crucial components in our system are dedicated hardware.

Benchmark on Savvii
We did a 60 run benchark with webpagetest.org on 6 Savvii clients. The results show that the Time To First Byte is 66% faster at Savvii than at their previous host. Time to Start Render is 32% faster and the total load time is 15% faster. Research at moz.com shows a correlation between Time To First Byte and Google organic ranking.  Time To Start Render is important for visitors, the faster content is visible on the screen the better. In the total load time external resources are also included, these include analytics script, ad beacons and social media plugins.

Do you want to profit from an increase in site speed? See which plan suits your needs. Try it for yourself with our 30-day money back guarantee.

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We work with:

  • Let's Encrypt Free SSL
  • New Relic
  • Varnish
  • Mandrill